Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project

Tamil Nadu Rural Transformation Project

Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project

Vazhndhu Kattuvom Project alias Tamil Nadu Rural Transformation Project is an innovative World Bank assisted Project that aims at rural transformation through strategies that look beyond poverty alleviation by building sustainability and prosperity of rural communities through rural enterprise promotion, access to finance and employment opportunities in the selected blocks of Tamil Nadu.

The Project will build on existing institutional capital and investments made by TNEPRP, TNSRLM and NRLP.


Beneficiaries: 83,077

Individual Beneficiaries

Groups: 1,000
Beneficiaries: 15,926

Enterprise Groups

Groups: 5,000
Beneficiaries: 2,85,751

Producer Groups

Collectives: 53
Beneficiaries: 55,579

Producer Collectives

Beneficiaries: 2611

Matching Grant Programme

Centers: 42

Mathi Siragugal Business Centre

Beneficiaries: 1,82,337
PG formed: 6,000

Community Farm Schools

Beneficiaries: 42,069
EG Formed: 2,026

Community Skill Schools

District Diagnostics Study

District Diagnostics Study (DDS) is a robust analysis at the district level to identify and prioritize major sectors, subsectors, and commodities for enterprise promotion in the local context.


The World Bank Retreat

Interaction with District Teams

Interaction with District Teams

World Environment Day Celebrations

Recent Events

RPL Assessment and Certification Conducted

RPL Assessment and Certification Conducted

August 18, 2023    
All Day
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessment and certification was conducted to 55 CSS Trainers along with Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC) and Apparel Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC) on 18 August 2023 at Cuddalore.