Producer Group

Producer Group

Producer Group (PG) is a group of producers engaged in a particular commodity / subsector in a village who come together for aggregation, productivity enhancement, and other collective actions.

Producers of a particular commodity are organized together for aggregation of farm produce to realise better income due to economies of scale.

The producer groups are organized where there is an opportunity of collectivization, aggregation, value addition and marketing of Farm commodities (like Maize, Millets, Vegetables, Pulses, NTFP and Oil Seeds) or Off- Farm (Milch animals, Goatery) and Non-Farm sector.



Group size

The membership size for PGs should be minimum 30 and maximum of 150.
In Tribal and hilly areas, the minimum membership in the PG could be 15.

Crore(In Rupees) start-up funds