Community-Based Training and Skilling Provision

Community-Based Training and Skilling Provision

This sub-component is enhancing the access of target households to skills training in locally relevant sub sectors

It is supporting Community Skills Schools (CSSs) and Community Farm Schools (CFSs), with local experts identified and capacitated through the project, and delivering training services at the village level, thereby enabling women and other marginalized groups access such training

This sub-component is supporting outreach with local MSMEs and entrepreneurs, for identifying market needs and facilitating post-training placement and employment

The productivity of many farmers who are involved in on-farm and off-farm activities is lower than average and there is a substantial gap in the yields of their crops. To improve their productivity, it is crucial to increase agricultural productivity and promote off-farm rural employment. This requires the acquisition of the necessary skills that will equip them with modern practices, in both farming and off-farm activities.

There are also those sectors that are traditional and have region-specific demand but such skilling is not offered i.e., weaving, jewellery making, basket making, pottery, etc. and skilling will only be done for skills that are scalable and has potential for earning higher incomes. Constraints to skilling the rural population is a challenge; Community Skills Schools (CSS) will provide much-needed opportunities to the young generation especially women to develop a source of income through master practitioners/community experts by sharing their domain knowledge and imparting the skill training with simple and minimally required infrastructure right in their community

Community Skill School

Community Form School